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boy your just the crash that hasn't happened yet

I'm going to melt the fever, sugar..

in the works

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by: xsweet_rainex

80's, 90's, airplanes, alice in wonderland, alternative and etc., andpaper hearts willbe torn, angst, animals, apples, art, avatar, axel, ballet shoes, barns and noble, batman, black, black & white photography, books, bots like girls, bows, boys, broken social scene, brownies, chineese food, christmas lights, citypaper, cody linley, coffee, coldplay, computers, converse chucks, crayons, cute meaningful fanficitons, dacing in rain, daydreaming, dead poets society, death note, delta airlines, digital cameras, dinosaurs, disco, dominatrix boots, dresses, emilie autumn, emotions, energy drinks, eyeliner, fiction boys, flirting, french, frou frou, green, gum, hawaiian coolers, hearts, hellogoodbye, high heels, highlighters, i tunes, ily bby~, indie music, ipods, japaneese songs, jewlery, juiceboxes, kai kai, kaiaxel, karin-haters, kimachama karin, lady bugs, le disko, leg warmers, leggings, leik woah, letters, lists, lolly pops, magazines, mailboxes, marilyn manson, movies, muse, music such as rock, nail polish, naruto, naruto: shippuden, new york, pancakes, paperclips, pasta, photography, pretty things, punk, radio, rainbows, reading, retro stuff, robots, roxas: crossdresser extrordinaire, roxiri, sakura-chan, sasusaku, scene kids, screaming, sharpie markers, shiney toy guns, shopping, shrimp, shugo chara, singing offkey, sneezing, sora, squirrels, techno, technology, teen titans, the hulk, the piano, the radio, the rain, the standing point, those big headphones/earphones, thumbtacks, timeskip sakura, tokyo, toph/sokka, trix, twinkle twinkle little star~, typing, un petite mort, vampires, video games, vintage, vitamin water, writing, , ,